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Art is my means of taking the negative or sometimes positive overflow of emotion coming from the mental as well as physical ailment into the real world. In many ways my art can be taken in by the viewer as a visual representation of what goes on in the mind and what has trouble making its way out in any other form besides artistic expression. Because the things I make are usually from my own repressions or explosions it is difficult for my art to be transferred into a logical explanation unless analyzed like a dream. I consider my art to be a mixing pot of my own delusions, frustrations, dreams, overwhelming feelings, thought patterns, and my spiritual beliefs purged into a mixture of colors, characters, and cryptic symbols. My art has helped me survive myself since a very young age. In my art I have never wanted anything more than to lead the viewer to relate their own feelings to mine, and hopefully lead the viewer to express themselves in their own artistic way.

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     Pursuing an artistic career since childhood, Santa Margarita raised Audrey Jackson now pursues her dream at Calarts at the age of 23. Inspired by artists like Rene Magritte and Mark Ryden, her paintings usually consist of colorful characters and cryptic symbols. “My work allows me to make the connection between strong emotion and the medium to coexist on a physical plane.” Audrey’s art can be found permanently hanging in Rosalina Barrio Santa Margarita, “An Audrey Jackson Gallery”.

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